Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Island Cottage Survived Hurricane Sandy

Last November we received the following email from a client who built the Island Cottage.
Island Cottage with crawlspace foundation
Hi Mike,
I built your coastal cottage design over ten years ago. My family and I have enjoyed the home very much and live on a point on the bay with water on both sides. We have weathered many bad storms in this house and we really owe its success to your design. The roof plays a huge role in protecting us from nor'easter storms which hit us often. This is our primary residence. Recently we were hit with hurricane Sandy the eye hitting our community directly. Homes on either side and many more were destroyed by the ferocious wind and waves. We were left with some cosmetic damage lost stairs and railings but structurally we were ok and are currently up and running in our home while unfortunately most of the community is abandoned. Thank you for designing a heavy duty house. Check out YouTube put in Tuckerton, NJ sandy you will see your design under direct attack in the storm. Also the picture was on Fox, CNN and many other news cast around the country. Most of this community calls our house the blue lighthouse and use it as a landmark and GPS and radar setting for their boats. Anyway thanks Mike.

Please watch this portion of a newscast after hurricane Sandy which shows the Island Cottage spoken about in the letter above (the home with the blue roof).  We believe that the Island Cottage would have gotten more air time if the damage hadn't been so minimal.  This is proof that the Island Cottage was designed for both style and strength.

All of our Southern Cottages house plans were designed to meet coastal conditions and codes in the state of North Carolina at the time they were designed, with a basic design windspeed of 130 mph, to make them storm resistant.  Our houses on piling foundations were designed to withstand hurricanes by meeting coastal and flood plain and high wind zone construction in the state of North Carolina at the time they were designed.  To see more storm resistant home designs for coastal conditions by Michael R. McLeod Architect, P.A., please visit the Southern Cottages website.  We have a number of house plans for the beach or any waterfront property.

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